WP 406 Use Case – An intelligent controller for Blood Pressure regulation in Operating Room

Use Case Application:
  • The use case of RGB Medical Devices concerns the development of an intelligent infusion controller for Blood Pressure regulation. The system will be designed to operate as a closed-loop controller that automatically delivers drugs to the patient with the ultimate goal of reducing blood pressure values during surgical intervention. WP4.6 will make use of model-based systems engineering techniques to incorporate the intelligence in the system and will exploit adequate bricks to design the required functionalities - especially to comply with current standards - and to evaluate real time performance.  
Main Methods and Tools:
  • Requirements Management: DOORS NG
  • Test management: IBM RATIONAL Quality Manager
  • Test Environment: Hardware in the Loop
Expected results:
  • Incorporation of Tools at corporate level to cope with complexity. Focus on Certification.
  • Accelerate development a Certification process without risk for patient by using Human Patient Model.
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