WP 401 Use Case - Medical procedures in an interventional X-ray system

Use Case Application:
  • The use cases of Philips Healthcare concern the control part of an interventional X-ray system. These imaging systems are especially important for minimally invasive surgery, e.g. improving the throughput of a blood vessel by placing a stent via a catheter where the surgeon is guided by X-ray images. These techniques avoid open heart surgery and have many benefits in the healthcare domain such as improved productivity, more effective treatments, better success rate, and increased quality of the life of patients. It is important to be able to incorporate medical innovations fast in such systems. This is challenging, because high quality standards have to be met and a trade-off has to be made between usability and safety. To meet these goals, Philips investigates in a migration towards a component-based architecture and an improved model-based iterative development process, supported by interoperable tooling. The three use cases concern different layers of control of an interventional X-ray system. WP4.1 addresses a high-level layer which incorporates the behavior related to user interaction and medical procedures.
Main Methods and Tools:
  • Simulation models for mechatronics architecture: POOSL, DSL, Xtext, Simulink, NobiVR
  • Requirement management: DOORS NG
  • Test management: HP QC
Expected results:
  • Virtual prototype of mechatronics architecture created using IBM DNG, IBM Design Manager, POOSL, Simulink, NobiVR and HP QC integrated using OSLC i/f
Figure 1: Medical procedures
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