Scenarios for demonstration within the Public Use Case

Sample Scenario: The engineering challenge This scenario shows a sample comparsion of two different vehicle architectures.Therefore two different vehicle architectures are modeled in a SysML representation. On this level, the SysML model represents the vehicle architecture. The SysML model can be used to derive and configure a co-simulation configuration, which reuses preexisting simulation models (i.e. Driver model, Drivetrain model, Control Unit model).
Since there are two different vehicle architectures, this results in two different co-simulation configurations producing two different result files. As a final step the results should be combined in one representation in order to be comparable.
Figure 1: The engineering challenge
Sample Scenario: Overview of currently available interfaces and planned interfaces of the bricks used within this scenario Figure 2 shows the existing and planned tool interfaces which are required in order to automate the tasks described above.
Figure 2: Overview of currently available interfaces
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