TitleLeadMain focus
SP3 -  Coordination -  AUTOMOTIVEAVL-SSub project coordination
WP 301 - UC – Function development for heavy vehiclesVOLVORealise and implement a use case  which focuses on function development in heavy vehicles
WP 302 - UC – Development of a safety related assistance systemDAIMLERRealise and apply the use case which technically focuses on development of assistance systems in the context of advanced engineering.
WP 303 - UC – Functional powertrain architecture & control development wrt. integrated systems, safety and requirement engineering.AVL
WP 304 - UC – Test case definition interlinked with model based requirement engineering. / Variant managementAVL
WP 305 - UC – ISO 26262 safety assessment and functional assessment for type of fluid changing in a climate controllerCRF
WP 306 - UC – OS MultiCore Compatible AUTOSAR & Safety Mechanisms for ISO26262 complianceVALEO-F


WP 307 - Public Use Case AutomotiveVIF
WP 308 - Ontology AutomotiveTUB
Figure 1: Partners and topics in the automotive Domain

Main goals

  • Full traceability of all involved artifacts
    e.g., elements of heterogeneous models, configurations, test bed parameters, requirements, and test cases on system level and component level
  • Seamless collaboration between integrated tools to enable efficient engineering methods
    e.g., change impact analysis, trade-off analysis via heterogeneous co-simulation, re-use across different development stages …
  • Consistency management, version management, variant management, and change history management
    e.g. for distributed and loosely coupled tool chains (e.g., interlinked via OSLC)
Figure 2: The automotive domain

Challenges of the Automotive Domain & IOS Requirements

At the end of month 12 (of 36) the automotive domain collected numerous engineering methods of which harmonized IOS challenges were derived. This contains all challenges independent of solutions or partial solutions are already available in existing technologies on individual base.
Figure 3: Challenges in the automotive domain

The Automotive Public Use Case

This Use Case will be used for public demonstration of the current challenges that the automotive domain is facing, and how proposed solutions from the RTP/IOS domain support these challenges. The main focus of the activities within this Public Use case are:
• Support identification of IOS needs for model-based systems engineering
   - Traceability needs have been identified – implementation has started
   - Identify needs for version/variability/process management
   - Seamless integration of co-simulation for early validation/integration 
• Demonstrate achievements of automotive domain
   - Demonstrator uses tools from multiple tool vendors
   - Cross-UC demonstrator