Use Case - Fuel Management Risk Analysis (Airbus – UK)

Use Case Application:
This use case describes aircraft fuel system and associated architecture; focus on Fuel Quantity Management System. The Safety analysis for the impact of Uncontained Engine Rotor Failure (UERF), one of most critical Particular Risk Analysis is illustrated. 
Main Methods and Tools:
- Matlab/Simulink
- Open Modelica
- IBM Rational System & Software Engineering solution including JAZZ, RELM, DM, CCM, DWA, DOORS family, Rhapsody, etc
Expected results:
- Requirement Traceability to dysfunctional model
- Requirement traceability to Functional Modelling and Simulation
- Safety Model Based Analysis
- Verify the analysis/simulation results against Failure condition
- Heterogeneous Simulation
- Change impact analysis  
Figure 1: Uncontained Engine Rotor Failure
Figure 2: Use Case Tool Chain