Use Case – Simulation for Particular Risk Analysis (Airbus – F)

Use Case Application:
Assess the relevance of the use of multi-physics models to run simulation in order to support PRA. 
Main Methods and Tools:
Airbus safety authoring:
- SARAA, Airbus Tool managing safety data
- RAMSES, Airbus Tool for the analysis of safety models of systems
- MV2, Airbus Tool Safety and Reliability Management of V&V
- Elisa Airbus POC  to Check PRA Requirements from physical and functional side
- ARIAS Airbus Catia Add  dedicated to identify  A/C Hit part list  according to burst scenario

Engineering Method:
- Engineering Method: UC201b _Verify PR requirement_001
- Engineering Method: UC201b _Generate MCSs_002 (*MCS - Minimal cut set)
Expected results:
- Safety analyst viewpoint; provide dedicated working context to safety analyst  gathering  PRA authoring and evaluate the OSLC quality of services
- IS/IT Actors: To evaluate OSLC efficiency and provide to Airbus a complete view of the standard (installation, capabilities, efficiency…)
Figure 1: Process
Figure 2: Application in plane