Public AEROSPACE Use Case (Airbus Group Innovations)

Use Case Application:
Purpose of the Public Aerospace Use Case:
- Demonstrating CRYSTAL Project Results on a public use case without facing any IPR Issues.
Perimeter and Scope of Public Aerospace Use Case:
- Definition of De-icing System for Regional Turboprop Aircraft, with:
   - Minimal Cost, Weight, Power Consumption
   - Fulfilling safety constraints
   - Fulfilling functional needs (i.e. keep Aircraft components free-of ice )
Main Methods and Tools:
- Analyze Requirements / Verify Design against Requirements
- Heterogeneous Simulation /Trade-off Analysis
- Traceability / Change Impact Analysis
- Improved Safety Analysis
- Manage System Engineering Environment / User Rights Management
- ALM / PLM Integration
- Product Line Engineering
Expected results:
Prototypical System Engineering Environment
- Based on CRYSTAL IOS and RTP Concepts
- With tools and tool connectors to support the methods mentioned above 
Public dissemination material:
- Change Impact Analysis based on Linked Data: Watch the Öffnet externen Link in neuem Fenstervideo on Youtube!
- Interoperability in Aerospace Public Use Case of CRYSTAL project: Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterPresentation of the public use case at the 2nd Interoperability Conference in Stockholm, Dec 2013.
Figure 1: Aerospace Use Case