Use Case - Space Toolset for Avionics Control Unit (Thales Alenia Space – F)

Use Case Application:
The objective of this workpackage is to improve the avionics engineering process by providing a model based approach for system design offering multi-view point capabilities and multi-criteria evaluation of system solutions.
The solution will be experimented on the new Thales Alenia Space telecommunication satellites platform. 
Main Methods and Tools:
- Trade-Off Analysis (engineering method)
- Define design view points (engineering method)
- Maintain consistency between multi-viewpoint models (engineering method)
- Kitalpha, Sirius, Co-evolution, … (tools)
Expected results:
- Providing an integrated avionics design environment enabling kick trade-of and iteration in order to converge to optimal and innovatives solutions for our clients.
- Integrated environment for the avionics design engineer
- Method, including abstraction levels, view points, …
- Trade-of capabilities between different design solutions
- Model consistencies guaranties between different view points
Figure 1: Use Case Application