Use Case - Multi-Mode Navigation (Honeywell International)

Use Case Application:
Multi-Mode Navigation System provides information of the aircraft position, velocity, and attitude to other aircraft systems, such as flight management systems, flight control systems, surveillance systems, as well as to the pilots through the flight displays. We are fusing the following navigation systems: Global Navigation Satellite Systems, Attitude Heading Reference Systems and Inertial Reference Systems.
Main Methods and Tools:
- Ontology Learning (Lexiana, Enterprise Architect)
- Requirement Authoring (Requirement Authoring Tool)
- Requirement Sanity Checking (DiVinE San)
- Requirement Formal Verification (DiVinE, NuSMV)
Expected results:
- Deliver a rigorous development process with well tailored tools which could be adopted by the AHRS development team.
- Cost reduction.
- Map the tool chain onto the 3 views of system engineering (Honeywell-defined process).
Figure 1: CRYSTAL Themes
Figure 2: CRYSTAL Development Process