Use Case - Electrical Flight Control (SAGEM DEFENSE SECURITE)

Use Case Application:
The use case is the early development phase s of the development of a Flight Control System, with a special focus on “specification activities”. The system has been adapted to the duration of the project (limitation to the slats and flaps control). 
Main Methods and Tools:
- DOORS, Rhapsody
- Reuse Requirements Quality Suite
- Requirements formalization methods
Expected results:
The work package aims at defining an integrated tooled process to enhance Requirements Engineering (including DOORS requirements, requirement ontology, SysML model…)
- To share common vocabulary within the project/organization
- To enhance the quality of the specification
- Syntax proposal
- Automated checks of Correctness/consistency/Completeness…
- To help the reuse
This would help improving  quality assurance for always more complex aeronautical development and so managing  the cost and delay.
Figure 1: Ontology Links
Figure 2: Processes to use RQS