Use Cae - Preliminary Design for a new Regional TurboProp (Alenia Aermacchi)

Use Case Application:
This use case deals with the preliminary design for a new Turboprop Aircraft. It's focusing on the first phases of the design of a completely new aircraft when the first need is to achieve a preliminary, simplified architecture/configuration of the whole aircraft system (so considering also maintenance, support, training, etc.) and its main sub-systems. Considering the fact that the concept design process of the whole aircraft system is way too complex (involving from start too many disciplines) the WP focused on describing the preliminary design of the EIMSS (Enhanced Integrated Monitoring and Support System) and its interactions  with a typical sub-system  (the Fuel System).
Main Methods and Tools:
- Analyze Requirements (IBM DOORS, RQA)
- Verify Design against Requirements (PTC - Windchill QS, IBM Rhapsody, IBM DOORS)
- Change Impact Analysis (IBM Rhapsody, IBM DOORS, IBM Team Concert, Siemens Teamcenter)
- Maintain Consistency between Multi-viewpoint Models (IBM Rhapsody, Mathworks Simulink, IBM Team Concert, Siemens Teamcenter)
- Provide Process Management (IBM Team Concert)
- Provide Configuration Control  (Siemens Teamcenter, IBM Team Concert)
- Heterogeneous Simulation (IBM Rhapsody, Mathworks Simulink, IBM DOORS, IBM Team Concert
Expected results:
- Seamless interface between DOORS and RQA
- Seamless interface between requirement manager, MBSE tool and domain tools
- Seamless interface between  configured view(Requirement, functions and systems )
- Seamless heterogeneous simulation between functional and physical models
Figure 1: Preliminary Design of an Enhanced Integrated Monitoring and Support System for a new Regional TurboProp
MFD: Multi Functional Display
MC: Maintenance Computer
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