Use Case – Functional Safety Analysis (Airbus–G)

Use Case Application:
Assess the relevance of unique interoperable methods on functional safety analysis - both for system design as well as safety domain.
Main Methods and Tools:
- Airbus authoring
- Matlab Simulink models with failure injection library
- Simulink Design Verifier on applied on formalized requirements
- Scripts for automated workflows either in Matlab or via WebServer
- Transformations of observer violation hitlist into Minimal Cut Set format – Fault - tree analysis – aggregate MSC
- Integrate functional behavior of communication / network into model (FMI proposed)
- Fault tree  safety analysis in FT+
- Optional: SARAA, Airbus Tool managing safety data Engineering Method
- UC201a_Integrate heterogenous components with Simulink models
- UC201a_Interoperable safety and design models
Expected results:
- System designer viewpoint: Provide dedicated working framework with failure injection methods on functional design models - improve robustness
- Safety analyst viewpoint: Derive from functional model relevant safety data for Fault Tree analysis with Minimal Cut Sets
- IS/IT Actors: To evaluate OSLC efficiency and provide to Airbus a complete view of the standard (installation, capabilities, efficiency…)
Figure 1: Fault injection method in Simulink models with safety analysis